3 Tips for a Great College Application Essay

If you’re worried and dreading to start writing your college application essay, then we have some tips for you. Everybody can write a creative essay, even if they don’t want to become writers or don’t think they have the necessary talent for it.

Knowing what to write about and how to phrase it will make a significant change on your essay. The best paper writing service will surely do a great job if you’re looking to hire someone to help you out, but why don’t you give it a try first, by following these tips?

  • Sensory details will give it color and a heavy dose of realism

Most topics for college application essays will require you to describe a day of your life or your biggest accomplishments. Regardless of the topic, you’ve been given, try to turn it into a tridimensional subject. What does this mean?

Well, it’s not always the subject that stands out, but the way the essay writer describes it. Take a moment to fully remember what you’ve felt that day when you won the game, or what meant for you to be a Red Cross volunteer.

Embellish your story by giving the reader a chance to feel what you’ve felt, saw, smelled or heard during those moments.

  • Place the focus on the most important thing you want to say

Remember your subject. If you have to describe a certain day of your life, for example, don’t let yourself carried away by the color of the pants you wore, or the taste of the coffee you drank.

Write about the main subject and make sure that all the details you insert in the story lead the reader to what’s really important.

A good trick is to emphasize overlooked points, so that you can anchor them in reality. Let’s say that you’re writing about your prom; save a few lines to describe what your mother said to you before leaving the house.

  • Avoid redundancy by not writing more than one paragraph on the same idea

Keep in mind that although you have to write a creative essay, this is a simple assignment and not a piece of literature. You only have a few pages to convince or inform your reader about the topic, so keep the introduction short and then move on to your points.

A thing you can learn when you purchase an essay is that the writer sticks to the structure; this means that he/she includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each idea should be presented in one paragraph and once it was mentioned, the author moves along to the next one.

You can choose to readdress the issue in your conclusion if you believe it will make a great closing argument.

The purpose of a college application essay is to give the reader some information about yourself, so he/she will get to know you before you meet. Try to relate to him/her by offering some details about your life and making connections to general things.